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I'm a musical and visual artist with a degree in animation. I also enjoy painting, makeup artistry, dress making, fashion design and digital art working My love of art and fashion have compelled me to begin focusing my creativity in the area of fashion illustration and photography. I'm all about expanding creativity in all it's forms. If you share in my interests, hopefully you'll enjoy my blog posts!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Midnight Sparkle

Saffron Gel Liner
Barry Dazzle Dust #98 'Petrol Black'
120 Palette
Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon #8 'Matt Turquoise'
Sleek Blush #934 'Sahara'
Sleek Lipstick #566 'Chocolate Shimmer'
 Barry M Lip Paint #54 'Peach'


  1. You are stunning!! I love your make up ..... you left me speechless dear.
    You have a new follower.... <3


  2. Hiya! Love your blog!! Your make-up is flawless jheezee. One question though...where do you buy your CCUK Silk Finishing Powder from pls? :)

  3. this is a really beautiful look, I love your channe1! xx

  4. omg i rlly love your blogs ur makeup is so mind bowing keep it up!! and love ur songs girl!

  5. I saw on your clips that u r using either derma color or dermablend concealer? Which one do u prefer?