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I'm a Visual & Musical Artist with an obsession for fashion. I started out as a beauty guru on youtube and now I'm embracing change and excited for what it will bring. Follow me on my journey...
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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Midnight Sparkle

Saffron Gel Liner
Barry Dazzle Dust #98 'Petrol Black'
120 Palette
Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon #8 'Matt Turquoise'
Sleek Blush #934 'Sahara'
Sleek Lipstick #566 'Chocolate Shimmer'
 Barry M Lip Paint #54 'Peach'


  1. You are stunning!! I love your make up ..... you left me speechless dear.
    You have a new follower.... <3


  2. Hiya! Love your blog!! Your make-up is flawless jheezee. One question though...where do you buy your CCUK Silk Finishing Powder from pls? :)

  3. this is a really beautiful look, I love your channe1! xx

  4. omg i rlly love your blogs ur makeup is so mind bowing keep it up!! and love ur songs girl!

  5. I saw on your clips that u r using either derma color or dermablend concealer? Which one do u prefer?