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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

LookBook: How I Style Shirts

LookBook: How I Style Shirts
(video below)

Hey guys! I recorded my first LookBook video (below).
I absolutely love shirts and there are so many different ways to wear them. 
Here are just a few ways I like to style my various shirts.

Outfit 1
Shirt, NewLook
Leather Leggings, H&M
Shoes, eBay (also featured in my previous Tropic Thunder post) 
Bag, Zara (with DIY added chain)
Necklace #1, Vintage #2 Primark
Cuffs, Miss Selfridge 

Outfit 2
Shirt, Primark
Skirt, Punky Fish
Shoes, NewLook
Bag, Punky Fish
Body Chain, Miss Selfridge
Necklace, Primark

Outfit 3
Shirt, Charity Shop
Dress, Punky Fish
Belt #1, eBay
Belt #2, Save the Children (Charity Shop)
Boots, Topshop
Bag, Punky Fish

Outfit 4
Shirt, Vintage
Trousers, Beyond Retro
Shoes, NineWest
Hat, Beyond Retro
Necklace, NewLook

Outfit 5
Shirt, Vintage
Sequin top, Zigzags Boutique 
Leggings, H&M
Shoes, NewLook
Necklace, Primark

Outfit 6
Shirt, Vintage (same as Outfit 4)
Dress, Zara
Belt, River Island
Necklace, #1 NewLook #2 Primark
Bag, Vintage Dior
Boots, Zigzags Boutique 


  1. I love how you wore the shirt and dress together, something I will like to try

    1. I love doing that! Probably because I'm a 90's kid I guess… Def give it a try!xx

  2. Love your style a lot Bisa ! You are amazing as always, watched the video of this lookbook and your editing and new song oh just amazing... Can i ask you something, that red pumps that you buy from ebay aree soo amazing can i learn the link or the seller?

    1. Thank u so so much!! Unfortunately, they stopped selling those shoes (I bought them 2 years ago) Sorry hun!xx